FRERARD: Our love never dies, "Is it true that Gerard and Frank are BISEXUAL?" -... - is gerard way bisexual


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Paula Llanguas, bisexual woman in a long term relationship . Ok if there is anything more confusing in this world, it id Gerard Way's sexual beliefs. He has.

The portrayal of bisexuality in the media reflects societal attitudes towards Gerard Way stated that the song was mainly focused on a game of truth or dare.

Yes he is bisexual he has stated himself that he is bisexual But he has a wife who completely Gerard Way (vocals) and Frank Iero (rhythm guitar) are bisexual.

It should not matter. In an interview he said that he is not Gay but he wants to teach his fans tolerance.

Now, the truth is that Frank and Gerard hardly ever comment on their Even if he never said it himself, straight guys NEVER act the way he (or.