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World's Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Developing "Boob Job Filter" For Snapchat boob flter

This morning, we got word of an app that performs visual breast augmentation. Instead, we decided to go with a celebrity who has always proudly touted her own small breasts, despite the best efforts of airbrushers under orders to invent voluptuousness. At least her girls are used.

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The world's leading cosmetic surgeon is rumoured to be developing a “boob job filter” for Snapchat that will allow users to see what they look.

RetouchMe has developed a special filter for ladies who would like to enlarge their breasts in photos, that is, virtually, without plastic surgery. There are a variety.

The world's first boob-swap was shared by YouTuber @Callux on Twitter over the weekend and has had over 50000 retweets and likes.