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Christina Gamble Got Worker's Comp for Back Injury, But Restaurant Claims They Taped Her as a Stripper.

Stripper Christina Gamble Charged: Workers' Compensation Fraud. Article Placeholder Image. By Laura Strachan, Esq. on August 05, 2010.

A Quakertown woman who allegedly worked the pole in Wilson Borough after claiming she couldn't wait tables in Bucks County is facing criminal charges. , which paid Gamble $22,727 in disability benefits and $4,118 in medical expenses, began investigating her claim after receiving a.

A Quakertown woman accused of performing as a stripper in Wilson while Christina Gamble, 43, of Braxton Court, waived a preliminary.

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of illegally accepting workers' compensation payments while working as a stripper. Forty-three-year-old Christina Gamble.