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Fluorescein staining of the cornea flourescein ophthalmic strips

Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strips, USP. Diagnostic Agent For Professional Use Only. Each sterile strip is impregnated with 0.6 mg of fluorescein sodium.

Eye Examination. Diagnostic staining. Ophthalmic strips are indicated for staining the anterior segment of the eye during eye examinations; Moisten by applying.

Ful-Glo® (fluorescein sodium ophthalmic strips, USP), compare to N/A: Akorn - Sterile Ophthalmics and Injectables.

FLUORESCEIN SODIUM OPHTHALMIC STRIPS. We manufacture different kinds of diagnostic strips which are used to visualize defects or aberrations in the.

Fluorescein is used to help in the diagnosis of a number of eye problems. When applied as a drop or within a strip of paper to the surface of the eye it is used to.