Terminal Strip - 8 Lug, 1st & 8th Lug Common, Horizontal - Canada - 15 lug terminal strip


15 lug terminal strip

Terminal Strips: Phenolic Lug Type - Old Fashioned Part Number, Pic, Description, Price Each, Price (15+) TRW phenolic heavy-duty terminal strip.

Terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact can be freely combined and are available with all connection technologies.

Molex Incorporated Terminal Strip 8 Position 9.53 mm Double Row 77000 Series Term Strip Barrier 6 0.375in DblRow 16AWG(Max) Series140 15A 250V.

Standard size terminal strips, 1/16" thick bakelite, tin plated steel solder lugs and brackets on ⅜" centers.

TERM STRIP SOLDER PHENOLIC. +. Terminal Strip - 5 Lug, 3rd Lug Common, Horizontal, Pack of 5. +. Terminal Strip - 8 Lug, 1st & 8th Lug Common.