Sarah, Chapter 5-C - fucking oral cum girlfriend grandfather three-some dripping granddauther - i felt them both cum


i felt them both cum

Soon I felt them both running their hands over my belly and legs, heading for my hardening cock. Brenda was the first there and soon had me into her mouth.

Both guys made positive comments about my ass while Mitch ran I wanted to suck all three cocks dry, feel them cum in my hands and mouth.

Just as she began to feel the first tremor that would signal her orgasm, the duchess laughed and answered them both, “Cum. Both of you, cum for me!.

As a woman, I've had both protected and unprotected sex. While using a What DOES IT FEEL LIKE for A WOMAN WHEN A MAN CUMS INSIDE HER?.

My guess is that they felt both, especially if my orgasm was a powerful one that would have shot far and I was inside her and I wasn't wearing a condom when I.