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This list includes the shortest ever verified people in their lifetime or profession. The entries . From then on, the couple were exhibited as the "Royal American Midgets" and "General and Mrs. Mite" in many advertisements. 1864–1898.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi (30 November 1939 – 3 September 2015) was the shortest man in measuring 54.6 cm (1 ft 9 1⁄2 in). Dangi was a primordial dwarf.

Chandra Bahadur Dang was titled the worlds shortest man by Guinness's World Records. He is 55cm tall or (55/2.54) 21.6 inches (1'9.6”).

For the first time ever, the tallest recorded man in the world met the shortest man at a Guinness World Records event in London.

Image Source. With recent medical advances, as well as TV and the Internet, people are more aware of dwarfism today than ever before.