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Mar 30, 2018- Explore dinalips's board "Famous Lesbians" on Pinterest. Couples | List of Celebrity Lesbian Power Couples (with Pics) American Horror.

Mar 22, 2013- Explore rainbowdog's board "Famous lesbians", followed by 356 people Aisha Tyler - Comedian, TV Host I like this pic of her with her glasses.

The Coolest Same-Sex Female Power Couples. The couples on this list are actresses, models, CEOs, and political powerhouses – they’re not just couples, they’re the coolest celebrity lesbian (and bisexual) power couples, and don’t you forget it. Vote up the most awesome same sex.

There are lesbians, there are bisexual women - and then there are those famous women who love women who strike a path for everyone else.

gay lesbian lgbt actors .. he became an international celebrity as the more uptight half of the beloved gay couple on “Modern Family,” Mitchell.