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A friendly request for anyone who is going to see Dir en grey on their . them that they're guys and they freak out and say that they're gay. lol.

r/DEG: A subreddit for posting Dir en grey news, discussions, and other related at least Shinya and possibly Toshiya were bisexual or homosexual, though that.

I learned at Otakon this year, at the Dir en grey booth from two gay guys that apparently, supposedly there are AUTHENTIC PICTURES, of Die and Kaoru's.

-There is a community of people that pretend all the band members are gay then "hai guiz read mai new Dir en grey fanfic, I haz Die and Shinya as Kyo's sex.

Dir en grey is a group of entertainers founded by four Japanese to be either " deer in gay" or “Dir en grey” which had an irresistible ring to it.