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Ancestry[edit]. Tyrone Power is related to Evelyn Waugh through his great-great- grandmother, . And, if Power was so sexually active, how could they have been "committed?" And it . To suggest that no famous person should ever be " accused" of homosexual behavior isn't common courtesy -- it's out-and-out anti- gay bias.

As he told The New York Times, "So they like sex how they liked it. . his performance in The Private Life of Henry VIII: He was no Tyrone Power. Bowers' description of prodigious drinking and blackout behavior by Spencer.

“I fixed him up with my friend Tyrone Power, which Gore asked me for as a favor, and he did . Did HIV and AIDS change his sexual behavior?.

George Cukor, Gore Vidal, Merv Griffin; Tyrone Power referred to him in letters, interviews and biographies, calling him “Scotty”, “Sonny”, or just.

said it, though some past stars--Montgomery Clift, Tyrone Power, Sal Mineo, band to auditions, hoping it will serve as a sexual ID and divert suspicions. theory at work that dictates everyone`s behavior,'' Maupin says.