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The Ford EXP is a sports compact coupe that was produced and sold by Ford Motor Company seats as the floor pans are identical between the 3-door Escorts, Escort GTs, and EXPs, however the lower roof line makes rear seating uncomfortable. .. Officially renamed the Ford Escort EXP, the second- generation EXP.

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CT, GT, GTS 72-85 per H-J1. Ford Escort RS 1600. CT, GT, GTS 72-85 per H- J1. Done. Photo EventMotors and Keith Meloy faved this. Horst Hoch 4y. #298.

These GT specification Ford Escort GTs are getting a bit scarce these days. Mazda powered.

They had a 1.9 HO in the later 1st gen GTs (87-90). Escorts did indeed have the H O 1.9 liter that for some reason Ford never put into the.