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Confessions of an Escort: A Look into the Life confessions of an escort

The shockingly enlightened and candid confessions of a high-paid prostitute. Marika was her name; the madam of one of London's most elite escort agencies.

Escorts from around the world have confessed to their innermost feelings about what life is like as a call girl or boy. The confessions were made.

"As an escort, I would love to find a man I was actually attracted to.". The first whisper reads, "I have a job as an escort in order to pay for universit ".

After Andy Bodle spent thousands of dollars on escorts he met online, he had one more powerful desire left unfulfilled.

Flickr Having lost her job, mother Scarlett O'Kelly – not her real name – spent a year working as an escort in Ireland to pay her bills. After writing.