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Psychiatrists at the Lakeview Center, an affiliate of Baptist Health Care, are employed medical doctors who are specially trained to diagnose and treat children, adolescents and adults with mental illnesses, addictions and behavioral disorders. These compassionate and caring.

Every year Lakeview Center helps thousands of people who are struggling with mental health issues. Our behavioral health services include treatment and programs for mental illness, addiction disorders and trauma. Our complete range of behavioral health services impact individuals.

The Adult Outpatient programs allow you to continue with the regular activities Some of the services include but are not limited to: psychiatric evaluation, crisis.

Our inpatient psychiatric and mental illness treatment center in Bountiful, UT and physical healthcare needs of adults ages 18 to 64, focusing on wellness.

LAKEVIEW MEDICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC HEALTHCARE practice doing both Forensic work as well as psychological assessment with adults and children.