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Adult dance classes in Brooklyn are a great way to meet people, make friends, get in shape and have fun. Salsa, tango, Latin and ballroom. (718)637-3216.

Group dance classes are a fun way for adults to learn how to dance in a friendly social setting. Our dance classes are ideal for learning basic techniques and getting comfortable with the fundamentals of specific dance styles, from Salsa to Tango, and everything in between.

6:15-7pm Adult Starter Group Class [New Enrollment 5 Nov Last for 2019] Adult Group Classes: $25 per person | Adult 8 Dance Card Just $175 [Save $25 and.

Learn Ballroom Dancing, Tango, Salsa dance classes and lessons at Arthur Murray International Inc. We have over 270 dance schools and studios in Africa.

Adult Classes with a Certified BALLROOM Instructor in Peachtree City, Tyrone, Take group classes to be prepared for all dancing events and singles learn to.