- grammatikopoulos et al 2008 adult learning


grammatikopoulos et al 2008 adult learning

PDF | The purpose of this study was to examine kindergarten teachers' and and Tsigilis, 2008; Gregoriadis and Grammatikopoulos, 2014; Tsigilis et al., 2017 ).

Athanasia Chatzipantelia, Vasilis Grammatikopoulosb & Athanasios . learning strategies (Pillow, 2008), and the use of appropriate strategies in . thinking ( Carpendale & Lewis, 2004; Ritchhart et al., 2009; Salmon, 2008a,2008b), of these aspects of sociability with effects that persist into adult life.

ABSTRACTThis paper reports on a study exploring metacognition in young children. Developing metacognitive skills helps children become responsible and .

Elo, 2012; Gregoriadis & Grammatikopoulos, 2014; Harrist et al., 2007; Leseman, 2009). Analogous findings are described in a study in Germany ( Anders et al., 2012) Furthermore, warm, positive interactions with adults in well -organized and problems within these preschool classrooms (Mashburn et al., 2008).

2007;13:5421–5431. el Shabrawi M, Wilkinson ML, Portmann B, et al. Primary sclerosing cholangitis in children: a longterm follow-up study. 2008;12:417– 419. Zen Y, Grammatikopoulos T, Heneghan MA, et al. Prevalence of sclerosing cholangitis in adults with auto27 immune hepatitis: evaluating the role of routine.