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WARNING: Story contains human to cowgirl transformation and minor . loudly as it began to push itself out between the udders and breasts.

“Oh dear god it's growing bigger!” Nathan cried out in panicked while frantically dashing to the front of the building, his blobby developing udder.

She took a dangling teat in each hand and tried milking her udder. The transformation ended. she had hooves for hands and feet, a pair of huge lactating tits and an swollen cow udder in need of milking. Adult content.

Jeff scrolled through the chronovac before stopping to think for a moment. What if he didn't just have to be a person's body part But an.

Jake uses virtual reality to fulfill his fantasy of turning into a cow. You may think it strange, an adult man wishing to become nothing more than livestock. However , I love the idea of it, my udder sloshing with milk, feeding on the grass, the sensation of . Which transformation would you like to partake in?.