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Adult guardian refers to a person appointed by a probate or surrogate court to perform court-ordered tasks of caring for an incapacitated adult's financial affairs and personal needs. A plenary guardian has total authority over personal and property matters of the incapacitated.

Learn more about the role of adult guardian. Adult guardianship is a legal procedure in which a court determines that a person is incapable of making.

Learn about the pros and cons of adult guardianship, how it works and how to where she should live — is called a “conservator (or guardian) of the person.

Why Do You Need a Guardian for a Disabled Person? to be qualified, a guardian must be a legal adult (18 years of age) and cannot have a felony or gross.

May 21, 2018 A person can also appoint their own adult guardian ahead of time, usually through a document known as an advance directive. The directive.