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A modern BBS running modern Worldgroup 6.1 on a modern Windows server in an industry-leading Castle Rock BBS is a family-oriented board, no adult files.

Also: Asian XXX graphics, adult japanimation, adult Asia travel info, and much more. Using MajorBBS 6.21 with 4 lines on MS-DOS with 800 MB storage.

From the January 1996 issue of Boardwatch: The original and largest adult bbs in the D.C. metro area. 6 hrs free time, 68 lines, live chat, matchmakers, MailLink.

City: Christchurch, New Zealand Inception: Files: Music, MP3's, Multimedia, DOS, Windows, Games Cheats, Hacks & Cracks, BBS Support, Drivers, Adult areas.

Place: 3 Title: deltaComm BBS Phone: 919-481-9399 Sysop: Zack Jones Lines: .. Evansville, IN Desc: Product Support BBS list, adult area with games, 2.7Gig.